Hair extensions are a great service we provide. They allow you to maximize your length and also add volume. Have you been wanting longer, fuller, sexy hair? This may be a good option for you. Also, if you are not interested in adding length, but would like more fullness and volume, this is also a great service for you. Here are the most common questions I receive from my guest that you may be asking as well.

Will they damage my hair? The answer is NO. The type of application that we use leaves no damage or glue residue. They can be applied and taken out very simply and painlessly. Will it be harder for me to style at home? The answer is NO. They actually make styling your hair easier, and you do not have to wash and restyle as often. Which leads me to the most asked question. Can I wash my hair everyday because I work out everyday? The answer is yes! It becomes just as your own hair because it is 100% human hair. You can wash and blow-dry everyday with a special shampoo and conditioner that is provided on the day of your service along with a brush.

This is the best service to give you the hair you have always dreamed of. Appointments are booked by consultation only. This is when your stylist will customize your color, length, and density you desire. Pricing will then be discussed based on the amount of hair you will need.

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